Pedigree Livestock Portraits. I grew up in rural Lincolnshire , England. My father, Harry Coulthard , was a large animal vet. and my mother , Eunice was the laboratory pathologist . I grew up with a very scientific view of rural life. By the time I was in art school I was selling art to farmers .The advent of B.S.E. or mad cow disease ruined the best of the herds in the U.K. It was very depressing for me to see whole line/families culled.

I had travelled to Canada to visit clients who had taken livestock with them and was invited to Miami in 1986. A year later I returned to South Florida and finally made my home here with my wife , artist Ana Bikic, in 1990. We share our visual talents with the trades , education and communities pushing for awareness of environmental issues.

Fine Art crisis.
Artists are/were required to study both interlectually and practically a discipline that used to command some respect. It is my belief that 'modern' &'abstract' art has maginalised our visual language and created a symbolic confusion. I attended many conversations with Peter Fuller in Newcastle when he was the resident critic at the college. It was a great loss to the art world when he died in 1990.
  • Peter Fuller was extremly worried that students were graduating fine art colleges without any 'life class' training.
  • Drawing ability should be matched by an interlectual understanding of subject and it's symbolic relervance.
  • When ineptitude of craft and accomplishment fails, art becomes frivolous and decadent.
  • The internet is becoming a tool for the artists left out of the dealers and administrators lists.
  • Self promotion and new groups publishing art are challenging the modernist's status.
  • The Florence Biennale has been inviting very accomplished artists who are self promoting on the web.
  • Peter Fuller would have loved this new tool , the internet. 'Eventually technology will work in our favor.' P.F.'82.