Fine Art services.
Traditional Fine Art studies require a Knowledge of techniques, historical and cultural references.However the ability to draw brings communication,the sharing of ideas beyond scripted language. Please visit the ecosymbolism gallery , 'an expression of positivism for modern art'.
  • Pedigree Livestock Portraits. U.K. farmer's commision for top breeders and agribiz promotions.
  • Rare Livestock groups. for fund raising and private collections.
  • Theatre and film freelance work. Edinburgh Fest. & Coconut Grove Playhouse,Miami.
  • Commissions and volunteering for churchs , temples and community groups.
  • Awareness of ecological and social needs in education ; Murals , presentation designs and class activities.1990's
  • Large sculptural displays and models for events and fund raising; Sphynx , Myan temples & Gargoyles.
  • Architechtural commission .Paint restoration. City Hall, OpaLocka.
  • Miami Artisans 1988 , Freedom Tower "Ponce de Leon' mural & Deco Hotel designs.
  • Trompushka inc. Lic&ins. 'Painting to a fine art.' Bringing fine art traditions to the trades.2000
  • Ecosymbolism. a manifesto for modern art. Positivity for humanity's symbolic language .2006
  • Neoruralism. Art promoting the importance of rural life and a natural respect for nature.2007
  • Letters and cartoons , the debate of democracy and insight. Criticism of Peter Fuller.